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Value of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is helping many people make important, life altering choices about their lifestyle and the medical treatments they receive.  Now many who are covered by Medicare and who qualify can receive CGx and PGx testing at no cost to them.

Why have CGx testing for possible cancer tendencies?*

Genetic testing may be recommended for people who have had certain cancers or patterns of cancer in their family.  Genetic test results may:

  • Aid the patient in considering options for preventative care, taking certain medications, or in some cases removing “at risk” tissue.

  • Indicate an increased risk of developing certain cancer(s) in the future.

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  • Provide important information for other family members, empowering them to make decisions about their own health care.

  • Show that the patient carries a particular genetic factor which does not increase their own risk of cancer, but that may increase the risk of cancer in their offspring.

       *Source: “Knowledge is Power.  Learn About Your Risk of Developing Cancer.”

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Why have PGx testing for your response to drugs?**

Pharmacogenomics is the study of genetic variations that influence an individual’s response to drugs.  Each person responds uniquely to treatment, while one treatment approach may work well for one individual, the same approach may not be effective or may cause adverse drug effects in other patients.

  • Adverse drug reactions are the 4th leading cause of death nationwide with more than 8.6 million cases reported annually.

  • More than 85% of the population have detectable variations in their DNA that increase their risk for adverse drug reactions.

       **Source: “Right Medication, Right Dose, at the Right Time

How can you learn if you are qualified for these tests?

Contact your Advocate, who will prequalify you.  If you meet the prequalification requirements, your Advocate will gather the additional information needed for a medical professional to determine if you are fully qualified and guide you to obtain the sample needed for the lab to perform your genetic testing.  If you qualify, your insurance will pay for the entire process. There will be no cost to you.

Who qualifies?
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