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Energy Wellness Life is a member of the Kratos Health Group.  Kratos Health focuses on bringing the benefits of cancer testing and pharmacogenomic testing to those who are covered by Medicare or, in some cases, by Medicaid.  Kratos Health carefully selects and trains Genetic Testing Advocates and assures that all steps of applying for the tests are carried out in accordance with HIPAA requirements for data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.


Genetic Testing Advocates are trained to assess whether you pre-qualify for the cancer testing and/or pharmacogenomic testing.  If your Advocate believes you pre-qualify, he/she will send your swabs and documents to a HIPAA certified laboratory where medical professionals make the final decision.  If you qualify, the lab conducts the test and sends you the results to share with your doctor. All Advocates are HIPAA certified, which means they must treat your medical information confidentially and must comply fully with all federally mandated HIPAA requirements.


We will be your Advocates.  Please contact us to discuss your genetic testing options.  We are HIPAA certified and look forward to answering your questions! 

Linda 317-709-2470

Gary 317-709-8989


Your Advocate

Gary and Linda Meeks

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