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Pre-Qualification Requirements

These are the main requirements that your Advocate will review with you to see if you pre-qualify.  The rules about coverage for the CGx and PGx tests change frequently, and your Advocate is trained to know whether you currently pre-qualify.


  1. You have a personal or family history of cancer, or adverse reaction to prescription drugs.

  2. You have not reached your 80th birthday.

  3. You are covered by any of the following insurance:

    1. Medicare Part B with or without a Supplement Plan (in all states except NY).

    2. Medicare Advantage PPO plan (not HMO plan) offered by Aetna, Cigna, Humana, or United Health Care.

    3. Medicaid in AZ, CO, DE, GA, KY, MO, or PA.

  4. Note: Some additional insurance companies offer this coverage with their PPO plans in some states.  See your Advocate to learn if you can be pre-qualified.  

Examples of the laboratory results

  • CGx report (genetic testing for possible indications of cancer)

  • PGx report (pharmacogenomic testing for possible unwanted results from prescription drugs)

another microscope with hand jaron-nix-6

Informative videos

             Note: We use only saliva samples in this program, not blood samples.

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